Large enough to effectively serve our clients while offering the attention and service of a smaller firm, SKW provides high-quality, consultative services for the energy industry, including pipeline survey, electrical, mechanical and civil design, automation and controls, facility and pipeline design, cathodic protection, construction and integrity, and GIS/data management.

Power Generation Facilities

Our projects have involved turbine co-generation, diesel/dual fuel generation, landfill gas-to-energy, and natural gas-fired power generation. We design substations, switchgear, protective relaying and power distribution systems. We can also help you manage demand and make the most effective dispatching decisions using inexpensive monitoring, analysis and reporting systems that deliver big savings.

SKW electrical engineer working on plans

Operations and Maintenance

Serving the oil and gas industry since 1989, SKW understands the importance of reducing maintenance costs and optimizing efficiency through strategic O & M projects.

We specialize in taking an informed, consultative approach to developing comprehensive pipeline integrity programs, addressing regulatory compliance, updating facilities and control systems, creating accurate as-builts and diagnosing problems. By leveraging our expertise and technology to deliver these tailored solutions and more, we have built a reputation for quality and reliability that is among the best in the industry. Our agility means that no project is too small, while our proven track record with interstate pipelines gives us the ability to mobilize and serve the industry’s large-scale needs across North America.

Whether it’s an operational expenditure or capital project, SKW provides electrical and instrumentation engineering for compressor stations, metering skids, control buildings.

SKW and the Energy Industry

SKW’s significant entrance into the oil and gas industry occurred in 1989 with SKW’s work on the prestigious Exxon Research and Development Laboratory. Opening its Tulsa office in 2007 and its Houston office in 2013, SKW has gained national exposure as an industry-leading solution provider with the ability to serve interstate pipelines.

In October 2015, SKW responded to growing client demand by adding integrity construction services to its offerings for the energy industry.

SKW’s offerings for the energy industry include: