Comprehensive Support for Aging Infrastructure and New Development

If it doesn’t rain for a while, stormwater issues can be forgotten. All that can change very quickly when a spring shower or a sudden deluge puts stormwater infrastructure to the test. Water has an unbeaten track record – it always wins. SKW stormwater engineers understand their job is not about winning; it’s about planning and guiding. The challenge is creating stormwater solutions that are affordable and stand the test of time as communities grow and place increased demands on infrastructure.

When working with stormwater, our engineers focus on quantity and quality. Through the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and comprehensive planning for system repairs and rehabilitation, they work to ensure stormwater infrastructure is effectively developed and  maintained. By developing and repairing infrastructure to meet regulatory requirements, they help communities protect their lakes and streams.

Improving Aging and Deteriorating Infrastructure

Today, the standard is for communities to plan for the complete development of a watershed upstream of a specific area. Historically, downstream impacts were not always considered in this context. Now, many communities are facing stormwater infrastructure that is aging and deteriorating, and may be undersized for the needs of the community. Combine this with increased regulations to protect the environment, and communities are in need of a partner who can assist them in addressing their infrastructure shortfalls to protect citizens from flooding or collapsing pipes.

SKW provides guidance for stormwater system repair, rehabilitation and replacement for communities large and small to address the critical needs created by aging infrastructure. Additionally, our drainage reports, master planning and plan reviews help proactively address stormwater to ensure communities continue to become better, easier and safer places to live and work.

Developing Infrastructure for Increased Runoff
As communities grow and developers bring new offices and retail to the area, stormwater runoff increases. It is imperative that these new developments meet regulatory requirements, address water quality and mitigate environmental impacts, so communities can enjoy the positive economic impact of each development.

From conceptual planning to site drainage studies, storm sewer design and the implementation of BMPs, our stormwater engineers assist developers through the entire process of accounting for and addressing the stormwater impacts of new site development. Our goal is to ensure the stormwater is effectively managed, so developers can focus on delivering their project on time to serve the community.


Comprehensive Planning and Design Services

SKW has developed a comprehensive suite of services to support new developments in communities large and small.
• Site survey
• Permitting and funding assistance
• Affordability analysis
• Site assessment and design
• Landscape architecture
• Construction observation
• Construction staking and as-builts