Structural Engineering

SKW’s structural engineering design teams work with clients to provide solutions for bridges, retaining walls, civil and stormwater structures, and buildings. Our designs take into consideration functionality, constructability, sustainability and cost effectiveness.


SKW’s design teams have experience inspecting, designing and repairing hundreds bridges including truss, suspension, steel beam, pre-stressed, concrete, metal arch and concrete arch structure types. Our services range from application assistance, such BEAP and BRO, to survey, design and construction observation for roadway, utility, pedestrian and temporary bridges. By maintaining a balanced focus on safety and fiscal responsibility, SKW has become one of the most experienced and reliable bridge designers in the region. Additionally, SKW’s team works with communities to scope and budget projects to obtain funding through grants and other sources. Read about SKW’s solutions for Lincoln County following record-setting 100- and 500-year floods.

Retaining Walls and Civil Structures

As a growing niche, SKW has established an area of expertise in designing civil structures including industrial facilities, treatment plant facilities, retaining walls and stormwater structures. We keep current with the latest in industry materials and design trends, allowing us to aesthetically enhance facility designs while meeting the project’s goals.


Working as part of an overall project team, SKW collaborates with architects, developers, facility owners and construction companies to provide structural design for new construction, prefabricated or custom facilities, as well as renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities. Taking into consideration each structure’s uses and unique qualities, SKW’s structural design focuses on bringing the project’s vision to life. Our designs are functional, constructable, sustainable and cost-effective. Additionally, we perform structural evaluations assessing the economy of construction and maintenance, and due diligence evaluations for potential purchases.

SKW’s comprehensive structural engineering services include:

Mission Road bridge designed by SKW's structural engineering team