Designing Wastewater Systems to Protect Communities’ Health, Safety and Welfare

Communities’ wastewater systems are aging and deteriorating, which places a burden on the communities they serve. Likewise, the increasing stringency of regulations, capital funding gaps and increased modernization costs create additional burdens that make managing these systems more difficult. As consulting engineers, we meet our clients in the communities where they live and work, and advise them on the most cost-effective solutions for their wastewater collection and treatment challenges. We pride ourselves on getting to know your system and community personally, so we can provide solutions that maximize funding opportunities while meeting your needs within budget.

Updating and Upgrading Treatment Facilities

The stringency of wastewater regulations is increasing to protect the lakes and streams in our communities. However, meeting lower regulatory limits is increasingly complex and costly. SKW’s engineers can help guide community officials and professional staff through the evolving regulations to ensure their system is able to meet all relevant federal, state, and local agency requirements, while meeting immediate and anticipating future community needs.

From controlled discharge lagoons to alternative systems and land application, SKW designs treatment systems to help communities best serve their residents within their fiscal constraints. In addition to designing wastewater treatment facilities, our staff is experienced with integration of System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to provide system automation for wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

Evaluating and Updating Collection Systems

As communities grow, new businesses and residents create increased demand on wastewater infrastructure. Additionally, years of deferred maintenance and strain on aging wastewater systems has led to pipe corrosion, increased inflow and infiltration (I/I), and even pipe collapse and structural failure. Aging pump stations that aren’t designed to meet today’sneeds require continual maintenance by city or county staff.

To address aging wastewater infrastructure, SKW engineers work with communities to identify and prioritize system repairs and replacement through Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), including manhole inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections. Then, based on the system’s evaluation, SKW’s engineers recommend and design solutions, including sewer lining programs, system rehabilitation or replacement and new pump stations to ensure collection systems continue to function efficiently and effectively to serve the community. Beyond designing the technical solutions, SKW also assists communities with traditional or alternative funding sources and can help with the arduous loan or grant paperwork.


Extend Community Staff Through On-Call Services

From annual planning and assessment to emergency services, SKW’s on-call services provide communities with engineering expertise throughout the year. This cost-efficient model gives districts and communities access to an array of expertise and services on an as-needed basis.