Maintaining the Flow of Clean, Safe Water

SKW is dedicated to maintaining safe, clean water supplies that serve communities and businesses. Consumers and industries have come to expect access to virtually unlimited quantities of potable water for the same low price. SKW understands the pressure this expectation places on water utility operations, which is why our team of engineers is committed to developing safe, effective, and economical solutions for each community’s water treatment and distribution needs.

Our solutions-based approach has served communities throughout the Midwest since 1950. We’re committed to helping our clients build more than just water treatment facilities. We’re part of their plan to improve the heath, safety, and welfare of the communities they serve.

Meeting Customer Expectations and Regulations

The stringency of water regulations is increasing to ensure that when water reaches customers’ taps, it is clean and safe — something municipalities and water districts take pride in. However, the added lab tests and lower regulatory limits are increasingly complex and costly. Meeting the public’s needs for a clean water supply at a price the public is willing to pay is challenging, which has led some smaller communities to collaborate to form larger districts or obtain water from wholesale districts.

SKW’s engineers can help guide community officials and professional staff through the evolving regulations, as well as the process of setting rates and determining the best course of action to meet their communities’ needs. Our comprehensive rate studies help communities determine how to meet residents’ needs while maintaining rates that are attractive to new businesses and development.

Improving Aging and Deteriorating Infrastructure

Years of deferred maintenance and strain on aging water systems have resulted in unavoidable problems, such as water main breaks and downtime for system repairs. The integrity of water distribution systems must be addressed to ensure clean, treated water reaches homes in the same condition as it left the treatment facility.

Addressing aging water distribution systems can include a combination of introducing disinfectants as water makes its way through the system and systematic replacement of aging pipes. Our engineers can help communities plan to address these needs and identify the right solutions to serve their community effectively within its means.

SKW engineer Dennis Stith with customer at water treatment plant

Supplying the Pressure to Meet Demand

Water flow and pressure are essential to firefighters being able to protect a community, its homes, and businesses. Additionally, water supply and pressure determine the fire ratings that drive insurance rates, which can attract or deter businesses and residents.

In growing communities, supplying new development may require added pressure in addition to the distribution system extension. SKW’s suite of water engineering services includes designing water storage facilities, booster pump stations, and water distribution systems to help communities provide the water supply and pressure its residents and business require.

SKW’s hydraulic modeling combines user records with projected community growth to assess system needs for supply and pressure. Through this modeling, our engineers help guide water system upgrades, so residents receive the quality, on-demand water service they have come to expect.

Extend Community Staff Through On-Call Services

From annual planning and assessment to emergency services, SKW’s on-call services provide water districts and communities with engineering expertise throughout the year. This cost-efficient model gives districts and communities access to an array of expertise and services on an as-needed basis.