After historic flooding left damaged infrastructure and roadways throughout the county, Lincoln County officials turned to SKW for bridge inspections, repairs and replacements.

SKW employees inspect a bridge

Dustin Berry (right) led the inspection, repair and replacement of bridges throughout Lincoln County following historic flooding.

More than 30 inches of rain fell in Lincoln County, Missouri, this year causing a 100-year flood and two 500-year floods in one season. In their wake, these historic floods left severe damage throughout the county, including damage to many of the county’s bridges.

Seventy-five of the county’s bridges needed to be inspected and assessed, so county officials brought in on-call engineer, Dustin Berry, P.E. project engineer and certified bridge inspector at Shafer, Kline & Warren (SKW). Berry spent five days in the field as leader of a two-man team assessing the structures and determining which were in most critical need of repair.

Following SKW’s recommendations, the county hired SKW to repair or replace the 16 most critically impacted bridges.

“After this extensive amount of flooding you see some crazy things,” said Berry. “There were some bridges that were like islands with the road completely gone around them.”

After the first round of repairs, Berry and the SKW team have continued to work with Lincoln County to address its needs. SKW’s surveyors are still out in the field and Berry’s team is prioritizing additional critical repairs.

“There are still bridges that are closed, so we are working at full capacity,” said Berry. “The sooner we complete these repairs, the sooner the residents are able to drive safely on the roads again.”