Public Wholesale Water Supply District #23


Public Wholesale Water Supply District #23 is located in Fredonia, Kansas and serves approximately 11,000 customers.

The scope of the project included the demolition of an existing water treatment plant, the design and construction of a 6 MGD surface water treatment plant and the rehabilitation of an existing on-site mill building for raw-water intake.

SKW always strives to make designs smoother, more efficient and more cost effective. Collaboration and open dialogue is key.

For this project, the 3-D model helped our clients visualize their project while we brought it to life under budget and on schedule. This tool also acted as an interactive communication tool that allowed all parties — from engineers and project managers to the client, contractors and manufactures — to understand and engage with the design from proposal to final product.

Need to see the piping structure from a different angle? 3-D modeling made that happen. Need to make parameter or measurement adjustments on the fly? No problem. Need to show a contractor the design functionality to avoid conflicts during construction? That’s an efficiency and cost-savings benefit that 3-D modeling helped provide.

Not only did 3-D modeling help SKW technicians and project managers retrofit the existing water mill structure, it also allowed them the ability to properly phase demolition and install new pumps without any delay.

This particular 3-D modeling project also gave SKW technicians the ability to spot and fix elevation busts and pipe conflicts early in the process and effectively mitigated a problem that would have delayed construction and cost the client hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was so efficient, 3-D models were also used for the new water treatment facilities, including the filter gallery and the high service pump building.

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