Lincoln County Bridge Inspection, Repairs and Replacements


More than 30 inches of rain fell in Lincoln County in 2015 causing a 100-year flood and two-500 year floods in one season. These historic floods severely damaged many of the county’s bridges.

Seventy-five of the county’s bridges needed to be inspected and assessed for repairs and replacement.


SKW’s two-man team spent five days in the field assessing the structures and determining which were in most critical need of repair. Then, SKW staff worked at full capacity to ensure bridges that were impassable or unsafe were repaired as soon as possible while delivering practical solutions within budget.

Following SKW’s repairs and prioritization recommendations, the county hired SKW to repair or replace the 16 most critically impacted bridges.


After the first round of repairs, the SKW team continues to work with Lincoln County to prioritize bridges in need of repair and address those bridges.

SKW’s collaborated with Lincoln County to secure FEMA funding for some of the project.

SKW continues to serve as one of Lincoln County’s on-call engineers.