As-Built Surveys

Accurate as-built surveys are critical to maintenance and future development of sites. They confirm engineering plan specifications and account for any variations from the original plans. As-builts document sites and structures at various stages throughout a project, during and after construction, verifying that improvements meet design or regulatory criteria.


Many facilities, including compressor stations and engine rooms, lack accurate as-built documentation or site data. Without this information, companies are unable to assess their current structures or perform facility modifications and updates. With scan speeds of up to one million points per second, terrestrial LiDAR technology reduces the time needed to collect survey data and produce actionable data. LiDAR scans generate a three-dimensional Point Cloud coordinate system providing as-built data as the foundation for an array of projects.

With more than 10 years of experience with LiDAR, SKW offers expert application of LiDAR for as-built documentation, surveying, engineering and construction.

Surveying and Engineering Expertise
As-built surveys require expertise in surveying and engineering. With our foundation in surveying and 60 years of engineering experience, SKW offers a unique hybrid of both these talents and expertise.

SKW survey crew performs LiDAR scan to produce as-builts at a facility

Transmission As-Builts

In transmission and distribution line construction, the term as-built has come to encompass far more than just a record of site conditions. To serve this larger scope and need, our teams of transmission as-built surveyors are NACE certified, operator qualified and OSHA certified.

Our team is experienced in:

  • Transmission Line Construction Processes
  • Permitting and Acquisition Documentation
  • Underground Utility Location
  • Materials Documentation and Data Integrity
  • Design Red-Line Processes


As-Builts for Engineering Design

As companies build pipelines, they need accurate drawings of what is built to guide future expansion and repairs. After our team creates the original design engineering drawings, they are submitted to a construction contractor who will often make red-line markups on the drawings to document changes in the field. SKW’s team is experienced in incorporating the new mark-up into the final as-built drawings to assure your records are accurate and well documented.

Our team will provide customized delivery of your as-built documentation in the format that best serves your needs.