Hydrographic Survey

SKW has more than 50 years of experience in hydrographic surveying. While originally using a weighted tape to manually measure water depths at pre-determined intervals, SKW has been utilizing a fathometer since 1995 to collect topographic data of underwater surfaces. More recently, SKW added capabilities to provide more thorough and accurate bathometric data with the addition of a Hydrolite sounder, Hypack software and the use of side-scan sonar.

SKW offers expertise in:

  • Volumetrics
  • Erosion Studies
  • Siltation Studies
  • Pre- and Post-Dredge Surveys
  • River Crossing Profiles
  • Hydrographic Design Surveys
  • Flood Studies
SKW's remote control hydrographic survey boat on water

SKW’s Prowler

Saving Time and Money with Increased Safety

In addition to the classic hydrographic and side-scan sonar capabilities, SKW offers enhanced data collection through a remote controlled Hydrographic Survey Boat, known as the Prowler.

The unmanned boat receives information on location via GPS and uses a single-beam fathometer to measure depths. Its simple operation coupled with quick set-up time reduces cost, increases safety and generates fast results. At just more than six feet long, the boat is easily transported to remote locations previously unobtainable by conventional boat-mounted fathometer equipment operated by multiple personnel.


Bathometric Service Applications:

  • Erosion and Sediment Studies (Sediment depth requires use of a multi-beam fathometer)
  • Below-Water Dam Profiles
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Silt Measurements
  • Dredging Operations