Route Survey

Route surveys combine all the elements of other types of surveying and add additional dimensions and actionable intelligence.


Transportation Surveying

Our team of professional land surveyors and transportation engineers bring a depth of expertise and experience to surveying for new and existing roads, highways, bridges and railroads. Our teams assess feasibility, constructability, right-of-way acquisition and safety when performing transportation surveys. Our teams’ experience ranges from rural roads for counties to multi-lane highways for DOTs.

Surveyor works on a transportation route survey for a new road alignment

Transmission Route Surveying

Successful large scale energy, gas and communication line projects stress great communication, planning and data management. SKW staff receive continuous training and mentoring in these skills in order to set higher standards in these areas industry-wide. SKW also has enough depth in the management team and administration to support nationwide projects without sacrificing efficiency.


Real property is a component of almost all transportation and transmission line projects. In some instances new real property must be acquired in order to construct or complete a project. This real property is generally called right-of-way.

When acquiring private property for project right-of-way, certain Federal regulations must be followed to ensure owners are paid just compensation. SKW’s survey crews are experienced with these regulations and best practices for right-of-way survey and acquisition.