Site Survey

Site survey is the foundation of all development.

It is also the foundation from which SKW has grown from the second survey firm to be issued a Land Surveyor Registration Certificate in Missouri to one of the largest, most respected and trusted names in the industry.

Today, the members of our surveying team are among the most knowledgeable, experienced and well known in the profession. We collect, record and manage this geographic information so our clients can turn their ideas into reality.

SKW has multiple registered Land Surveyors who travel nationwide to serve our clients. Each two- to four-person crew is equipped with the most current technology and field equipment (from levels and rods to drones or remote-control hydrographic survey boats) necessary to meet the needs of the project.


SKW survey crew member performs a site survey

SKW also fields the latest in Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology. This allows SKW crews to quickly and accurately locate utilities and features in the field. The physical features and utilities can be easily incorporated into a Geographic Information System (GIS) within minutes.

Land boundaries and all the legal issues surrounding the sales of that land require a high degree of expertise to protect your investments. The latest equipment and experienced personnel along with a streamlined management structure bring value to this premium service.

SKW provides a diverse range of the industry’s most innovative, reliable and visionary surveying services: