SKW’s design and implementation of a GIS data includes:

  • Identifying needs and applications
  • Analyzing workflows
  • Leveraging future cost-benefit opportunities
  • Fulfilling your project’s needs and goals

GIS for Municipalities

SKW GIS solutions provide powerful tools that help municipalities with planning, management and data analysis. With a wide scope of applications, from site selection and equipment location to stormwater management and crime indications, GIS can incorporate a variety of data types into an integrated application. This allows local government and private companies to more fully leverage data and resources.

MOberly GIS mapping

By identifying your current needs, analyzing workflows and recognizing future cost-benefit opportunities, SKW will design and implement a GIS database to best fit your specific goals.

 GIS for Pipelines

GIS integrates field data into a cohesive system for future planning, mapping and design. SKW develops custom GIS procedures to provide an efficient transition of field data to alignment sheets. In pipeline construction, GIS is able to integrate information from a variety of sources, such as property ownership, environmental features and regulatory compliance, and analyze it efficiently and effectively.


SKW’s ArcGIS application experience includes the development of extensions using ArcGIS Server-based SQL Server and Oracle databases with C#, VB and Open Source technologies. ArcGIS allows you to store, retrieve, view and analyze data using Arc Pipeline Data Model (APDM) or Pipeline Open Data Standards (PODS). As an authorized distributor of ESRI software, SKW offers personal set up and support.

SKW’s GIS Expertise

  • Infrastructure analysis and management
  • Transmission and distribution pipelines
  • Site selection and management
  • System design
  • Inspection information systems
  • Web-based mapping systems
Drainage basin GIS map